Marlotherm LH (-30°C – 360°C)

Operating Range

-30°C to 360°C

-22°F to 680°F

Flash Point


Marlotherm® LH is a high temperature heat transfer fluid designed for use in closed loop, forced circulation heat transfer systems.

This high performance heat transfer fluid is predominantly used in pharmaceutical and plastics processing.

What are the advantages of Marlotherm® LH?

  • The fluid can be used in both liquid and vapour form due to its narrow boiling range of around 4°C
  • Marlotherm® LH is a non-corrosive benzyltoluene HTF
  • This thermal fluid has low viscosity for excellent heat transfer efficiency
  • Marlotherm® LH is a benzyl aromatic with excellent thermal stability

Marlotherm® LH operating temperature

  • Marlotherm® LH is recommended for use in the temperature range from -30°C (-22°F) to 280°C (536°F)
  • This heat transfer fluid can also be used intermittently at film temperatures as high as 380°C and used in pressurised systems up to 360°C
  • Marlotherm® LH has a high auto-ignition temperature of 450°C (842°F)
  • This heat transfer fluid has low pour point and a pumping limit of -30°C (-22°F)

Thermal fluid specialist Global Heat Transfer stocks and delivers a wide range of premium quality heat transfer fluids, including Marlotherm® LH. The company also provides the complete solution for global thermal fluid supply and management.

If properly maintained and routinely tested, heat transfer fluids will provide good service over extended periods.

Engineers should follow a preventative maintenance programme that includes regular sampling to monitor fluid condition. Engineers should take the sample when the system is hot, closed and circulating to get an accurate representation of the fluid inside the system. Global Heat Transfer provides a complete thermal fluid analysis service to analyse fluid samples, track degradation and offer maintenance support.

For more extensive support, manufacturers should consider Global Heat Transfer’s Thermocare programme, a comprehensive maintenance strategy that includes regular sampling and systems checks as well as engineering services.

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Choosing the correct heat transfer fluid

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