Globaltherm® ECO (-30°C – 121°C)

Operating Range

-30°C to 121°C

-22°F to 250°F

The Renewable, Sustainable, Greener Thermal Fluid


Globaltherm® ECO is the sustainable thermal fluid for environmentally conscious manufacturing companies.

About Globaltherm® ECO

Globaltherm® ECO is a reflection of our commitment to renewable and greener thermal oils and is derived completely from vegetable extracts.

  • Globaltherm® ECO has been designed in response to the growing awareness of environmentally-conscious clients that want renewable and sustainable products
  • Globaltherm® ECO was designed specifically to provide the triple-action needed from Globaltherm’s range
  • Globaltherm® ECO is made from vegetable extract and is both safe and environmentally friendly
  • Globaltherm® ECO is a sustainable thermal fluid
  • Globaltherm® ECO is non-corrosive and non-destructive to the pipes and components in your system
  • Globaltherm® ECO provides effective freeze protection
  • Globaltherm® ECO provides efficient heat transfer over a broad temperature range
Product 1000 Litre IBC 25 Litre 205 Litre barrel
Globaltherm® ECO (-30°C – 121°C) Tick | Global Heat Transfer HTF Tick | Global Heat Transfer HTF Tick | Global Heat Transfer HTF

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