Globaltherm® Syntec (-3°C – 345°C)

High Performance Synthetic Thermal Fluid

Operating Range

-3°C to 345°C

27°F to 653°F

Flash Point



The most popular high temperature, synthetic heat transfer fluid. Suitable for operation up to 345°C (653°F) and can pumped to -3°C (27°F) and delivers exceptional performance. Primary applications are chemical industries, plastics processing and biodiesel.

About Globaltherm® Syntec

  • Globaltherm® Syntec uses the hydrogenated terphenyls chemistry of the most popular high temperature liquid phase heat transfer fluid. No other heat transfer fluid delivers a higher degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Globaltherm® Syntec HTF is used in a wide variety of applications in systems all over the world and delivers ultimate performance to ensure your system is running at maximum capacity and optimum efficiency.
Product 208 Litre barrel Bulk 25 Litre 1050 Litre IBC
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