Globaltherm® XLT (-60°C – 218°C)

Operating Range

-60°C to 218°C

-76°F to 424°F


Globaltherm® XLT is pumpable at very low temperatures
(-60°C) and still works efficiently to transfer heat.

About Globaltherm® XLT

Globaltherm® XLT contains potassium formate ranging in concentration between 30 and 70%. Potassium formate has favourable thermo-physical and safety profiles as well as being biodegradable.

  • Globaltherm® XLT provides an extremely efficient thermal fluid down to temperatures as low as -60°C
  • Globaltherm® XLT is our most efficient thermal fluid when operating at very low temperatures
  • Globaltherm® XLT can be used in many low temperature applications
  • Globaltherm® XLT is a non-toxic, non-flammable biodegradable salt
  • Globaltherm® XLT is non-corrosive and non-destructive to the pipes and components in your system
Globaltherm® XLT (-60°C – 218°C)
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