Globaltherm® HF (5°C – 338°C)

High Flash Point Heat Transfer Fluid

Operating Range

5°C to 338°C

41°F to 640°F

Flash Point



Globaltherm® HF Heat transfer fluid is a heat transfer agent suitable for applications requiring single fluid heating and cooling including; plastics processing, moulding, casting, asphalt, paint and chemicals.

About Globaltherm® HF

  • Globaltherm® HF heat transfer fluid’s flash point is one of the industry’s highest at 530°F (276˚C).
  • Not only does this heat transfer fluid have one of the highest flash points available it also contains a resilient blend of additives to ensure trouble-free service when managed correctly.
  • Globaltherm® HF heat transfer fluid delivers superior resistance to extreme oxidation and sludging found in many manufacturing environments, including plastics processing, molding, casting, asphalt, paint and chemicals.
  • This heat transfer fluid is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-hazardous and requires no special handling.
  • A superior high performance, energy efficient heat transfer fluid suitable for use in a variety of industrial processes.
Product 208 Litre barrel 1040 Litre IBC
Globaltherm® HF (5°C – 338°C) Tick | Global Heat Transfer HTF Tick | Global Heat Transfer HTF

Properties of Globaltherm® HF

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