Audit and Survey

System Audit & Survey – HSE and DSEAR / ATEX Regulations 2002

DSEAR (Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002) sets out the legal requirement for Thermal Fluid Systems and Representative Fluid Analysis.

Health and safety legislation requires that employers provide a safe working environment.

DSEAR (ATEX/CAD in Europe) sets out a mechanism for minimising the risks where flammable materials are handled which could create an explosive atmosphere.

Employers have a legal obligation not only to comply with this but to prepare and maintain documentary evidence.

Independent Thermal Fluid System Audit & Survey

Our experienced team carry out thermal fluid audits and surveys on all size of systems for a wide range of manufacturing applications.

Our independent audits and surveys are included in our Thermocare™ Maintenance Plans. Alternatively, you can commission an audit or survey as a stand-alone.

We provide a range of audits and surveys depending on your requirements.

What We Include in a System Audit & Survey

Our audit and survey forms part of your overall HAZOP Analysis. Our audit and survey includes all or part of the following criteria:

  • Thermal fluid & system risk assessment
    • Heaters & pumps
    • Storage & dump tanks
    • Expansion tanks
    • Process areas
    • Insulation
  • Recommendations
  • Testing & fluid maintenance
  • Inspection & maintenance
  • Identification of risks
  • Procedures for managing risks
  • Training on risks
  • Communication of risks

Once the audit and survey is complete our team will work through the risks to ensure compliance.

Our Accreditations

Our audit and survey processes and procedures follow strict quality management criteria and we’ve got the accreditations to prove it.

Need a site and system audit or survey?

We provide audits and site and system surveys.

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