Globaltherm® EG (-50°C – 121°C)

Operating Range

-50°C to 121°C

-58°F to 250°F


Globaltherm® EG is used extensively in manufacturing industries due to its versatility and functionality in a wide range of applications.

About Globaltherm® EG

Globaltherm® EG is an efficient heat transfer fluid between -28° to 120°C  (-18°F – 240°F) and provides freeze/burst protection to between -51°C (-60°F) and -60° C (-76°F) depending on concentration

  • This heat transfer fluid is not recommended for use with food (either directly or indirectly) and should be used as anti-freeze in processes (e.g. cooling, refrigeration and air conditioning) where direct contact with humans is limited or restrictive. Globaltherm® PG is generally regarded as being safe in contact with humans.
  • Globaltherm® EG is non-corrosive and non-destructive to the pipes and components in your system
  • Globaltherm® EG based anti-freeze products are widely and extensively used in industry
  • This thermal fluid contains between 90 and 100% ethylene glycol (EG)
  • Globaltherm® EG has a lower viscosity than Globaltherm® PG which means it has the advantage of being easier to pump at low temperatures
  • Globaltherm® EG is a water based refrigerant anti-freeze

Product 1000 Litre IBC 25 Litre 205 Litre barrel
Globaltherm® EG (-50°C – 121°C) Tick | Global Heat Transfer HTF Tick | Global Heat Transfer HTF Tick | Global Heat Transfer HTF

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