Globaltherm® NF (-20°C – 326°C)

High Performance Non Fouling Thermal Fluid

Operating Range

-20°C to 326°C

-4°F to 619°F

Flash Point



Globaltherm® NF is a non-fouling, non-toxic, high performance semi synthetic heat transfer fluid specially developed for use in food processing plants and industrial heat transfer.

About Globaltherm® NF

Made from severely hydro treated synthesised hydrocarbon base stocks, Globaltherm® Non-Fouling has outstanding thermal and oxidation stability allowing operation at high temperatures for extended periods. It is non-hazardous, non-toxic, water white and odourless.This heat transfer fluid has high flash/fire points and provides extra resistance to sludging.Globaltherm® NF properties
Product208 Litre barrelBulk25 Litre1050 Litre IBC
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