Decommissioning Systems

Decommissioning Manufacturing Systems & CDM 2007 Regulations

At Global Heat Transfer we specialise not only in synthetic and mineral thermal fluid management while the system is operating but also when you’re decommissioning the system for reinstatement or demolition.

Our process for decommissioning systems, when you are ultimately demolishing the system, meets Construction (Design & Management) 2007 Regulations.

CDM 2007 Regulations state that you must manage the health and safety risks associated with carrying out the work for decommissioning systems.

Decommissioning Systems for Demolition or Reinstatement

It is important to use the correct cleaning and flushing fluid when preparing a system for decommission. We use an environmentally friendly cleaning and flushing fluid (which is miscible with water) and is suitable for this application. Our product makes the decommissioning process completely safe.

Once your system is completely clean and safe your team can continue with the job of decommissioning by using either an angle grinder, oxyacetylene or plasma cutting method. Equally, your system is safe to transport and reinstate at an alternative location.

  • We prepare thermal fluid systems of all sizes ahead of demolition or reinstatement.
  • We prepare thermal fluid systems used in all types of manufacturing applications.
  • You’ll receive full instructions in preparation for reinstating the system once it is relocated
  • You’ll receive a Decommission System Certificate to meet CDM Regulations if you are demolishing your system.

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