Globaltherm® C1

Unique Detergent Combining Flushing/Cleaning

Operating Range

-10°C to 320°C

14°F to 608°F


  • Maintain a safer system environment
  • Optimise performance and service life of flushed or cleaned fluid
  • Lower maintenance and operating costs
  • Reduce downtime
The dual action power of Globaltherm® C1 flushing and cleaning fluid works to rid your heat transfer system of potentially harmful contaminants such as old/oxidised residual fluids, carbon deposits, loose debris, water and volatile light ends.Need help cleaning your system? Find out more about our drain, flush and refill services.

How Globaltherm® C1 Works

Globaltherm® C1 is specially formulated to remove harsh by-products of synthetic and mineral based fluids. It effectively displaces and flushes out waste, leaving behind a clean and safe operating system, ready to accept a new charge of heat transfer fluid.Starting with a clean system helps to: Use it prior to recharging a system to ensure best performance and optimum efficiency. We also recommend cleaning and flushing brand new systems before the preliminary fill to purge the pipes of any residual metals, minerals or lacquers that have settled post construction.
  • Globaltherm® C1 is compatible  with most heat transfer fluids
  • We recommend Globaltherm®C1 to dissolve sludge and clean and flush your system with no loss of production time and output
  • Globaltherm® C1 restores system performance

Globaltherm® C1 is both a cleaning and flushing heat transfer fluid product
Product208 Litre barrelBulk25 Litre1050 Litre IBC
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