Thermal fluid maintenance is win-win

The Global Group of Companies has been presented the Science, TechnologyThe Thermocare plan won an award for its innovation in the industry. Find out more about the service on our website and Innovation Award at the 2015 Staffordshire Business Awards for Global Heat Transfer’s Thermocare Lifecycle Management Plans, a unique service providing maintenance and support to manufacturers throughout the lifecycle of their thermal fluid applications.

The annual awards are hosted by the Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce.
This year, the Science, Technology and Innovation Award was presented by representatives from Keele University, who praised Global Heat Transfer for using science and technology in an innovative way to enhance the business performance of its clients.

Global Heat Transfer is a division of the Global Group that provides thermal fluid that operates up to 400 degrees Celsius in industrial applications. The fluid is used within highly regulated sectors such as food, beverage, chemicals and pharmaceutical to keep production running at the necessary temperatures.

Thermal fluid systems require regular fluid sampling and maintenance; failure to do so can result in system breakdown and costly downtime,” explains Clive Jones, founder and CEO of Global Group. “The only way to make a thermal fluid system sustainable, energy-efficient and less prone to failure is to ensure continuous lifecycle management. Thermocare offers manufacturers peace of mind; it ensures production systems are operating efficiently and safely. We’re very pleased Keele University has recognised it as the unique service it is.”

Thermocare improves the management of thermal fluid systems by providing training, thermal fluid analysis and ongoing thermal fluid management for manufacturers to ensure regulatory compliance.

The service is designed for businesses that want to ensure high levels of productivity at a fixed price. Thermocare can help companies save up to 75 per cent on thermal fluid maintenance and replacement costs.

“The Global Group of Companies recognised there was a gap in the market and taking a lead developed – through science and technology – this innovative new product,” explained Caroline Mairs, head of Keele University Science and Innovation Park. “The performance is clearly demonstrated through an increase in turnover and through organic growth.”

Thermocare Lifecycle Maintenance Plans by Global Heat Transfer are primarily designed for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas and solar energy industries.