Thermal fluid specialist launches fluids specified for solar applications

Thermal fluid specialist, Global Heat Transfer has launched four new Thermal fluids for CSPsynthetic and silicone-based thermal fluids that benefit Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and solar energy storage applications.


The new Globaltherm heat transfer fluids; Omnitech, Omnipure, Omnistore and Omnisol are designed for use in solar plants, as they work at precise temperatures for prolonged periods of time to collect and transport heat energy to power stations for thermal storage. The range is highly efficient, with different qualities to suit a range of applications and has superior anti-oxidationproperties for optimum performance.


The first of the products is Globaltherm Omnitech, a high performance, synthetic, fluid that can be used for liquid and vapour phase systems as well as indirect heat transfer.


This heat transfer fluid operates at temperatures ranging from -5 to 400 degrees Celsius in liquid phase systems and between 257 and 400 degrees Celsius in vapour phase systems. The heat transfer fluid combines thermal stability and low viscosity to provide consistency without fluid degradation.


Globaltherm™ Omnitech is best for solar plants, Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and plastic production and chemical industries that require precise temperatures in a heat transfer system.


Globaltherm™ Omnipure, the pure and safe fluid, is a non-toxic and highly efficient fluid designed for non-pressurised, indirectly heated, liquid phase heat transfer systems. These are mainly found in CSP applications, as well as PET and plastics production and chemical industries.


The fluid operates from temperatures between -20 and 326 degrees Celsius and is best for applications that require thermal oxidation stability to operate at high temperatures for long periods of time.


Globaltherm™ Omnistore, Global Heat Transfer’s new molten salt range of heat transfer media, can withstand higher temperatures than any other heat transfer media currently on the market, ranging up to 600 degrees Celsius.


This molten salt provides long-term heat storage for applications that operate at high temperatures, such as those found in CSP applications. Globaltherm™ Omnistore MS-600 reduces safety risks and the need for high-pressure equipment as it has thermos-physical properties in the liquid state, such as low viscosity and high thermal conductivity.


Globaltherm™ Omnisol is a silicone based, non-hazardous heat transfer fluid suited for CSP applications and parabolic trough applications that require a low freeze point and low temperature pumpability.


Globaltherm™ Omnisol can operate at temperatures ranging from -65 to 425 degrees Celsius and delivers high stability and reliable heat transfer.


“Global Heat Transfer provides a wide range of premium quality heat transfer fluids designed to operate in a range of applications,” explained Clive Jones, managing director at Global Heat Transfer. “Plant managers can rely on Global Heat Transfer to give specialist advice on what fluid they need to operate efficiently.”


These four fluids provide the high temperature stability needed to avoid fluid degradation from operating at high temperatures in solar applications. Global Heat Transfer’s expertise in thermal fluid management helps manufacturers extend the life of their heat transfer systems and fluid while meeting standards to minimise environmental risks.


For more information on CSP compatible media available at Global Heat Transfer, visit our solar applications page.