Five New Fluids

Specialist oil firm launches new low temperature range Global Heat Transfer, the UK based thermal fluid specialist, has launched five new low temperature thermal fluids. The new products enhance the range and each offers a different benefit – from environmental friendly to low toxicity.Global Heat Transfer has launched five new low temperature thermal fluids for manufacturers

The carefully formulated fluids help to protect heat transfer systems from corrosion. They can contribute to a trouble free manufacturing process, optimising both performance and production, because the correct use and monitoring of thermal fluids can reduce maintenance costs and enhance output by reducing downtime.

Global Heat Transfer’s new range includes Globaltherm™ PG, Globaltherm™ EG, Globaltherm™ EDT, Globaltherm™ ECO and Globaltherm™ XLT. This new range is safer than ever as the fluids are biodegradable and have low toxicity and flammability. They also provide burst protection to temperatures as low as -60°C (-76°F).

The first of the new fluids is Globaltherm™ PG, containing proypylene glycol, and intended for use in the food industry as an anti-freeze in thermal fluid systems. It is generally regarded as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use as a direct and indirect food additive.

Globaltherm™ EG, containing ethylene glycol, is used extensively in manufacturing as and antifreeze, where direct contact with humans is limited or restrictive. Globaltherm™ EDT is used as a refrigerant anti-freeze in thermal fluid systems and offers the safety features of Globaltherm PG. It is certified as non-toxic by the Environmental Protection Agency as it is not metabolised by the body after ingestion, which therefore avoids the formation of toxic by-products.

Globaltherm™ ECO is derived completely from vegetable extracts and is a sustainable offering provided by Global Heat Transfer. It is also the perfect solution for environmentally conscious manufacturers and organisations looking to take control of their corporate and social responsibilities.

The last of the five fluids, Globaltherm™ XLT, which still remains operational as a heat transfer fluid down to temperatures as low as -600C. This heat transfer fluid contains potassium formate ranging in concentration between 30 and 70%. Potassium formate has favourable thermo-physical and safety profiles as well as being biodegradable. It is therefore a great fit within Global Heat Transfer’s portfolio as it offers exceptional performance and safety when used as intended.

Global Heat Transfer’s range is designed to surpass the specifications (BS 6580:2010) defined by the British Standards Institute for corrosion prevention and control. The range is managed according to the international quality standards defined by ISO 9001. Furthermore, the new range is not hazardous, does not require any special handling and is not restricted by transport regulations.

Global Heat Transfer provides a comprehensive range of services for the thermal fluidindustry includingsampling, analysis and fluid delivery as well as system drain down, cleaning and waste management. It also specialises in on-site maintenance, system design and installation. The company works with a growing client base from industries as diverse as marine, petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. It also works in the solar, manufacturing, print and food processing sectors.