Heat transfer expert offers design and build guidance

Heat transfer fluid expert, Global Heat Transfer, is offering its expertise to system designers and specifiers looking to implement heat transfer systems as part of their service offering. Upon partnership, Global Heat Transfer will provide a turnkey professional system design and build service for heat transfer fluid applications, including calculations, drawings and detailed costing. As well as assisting with the design, the company’s specialist engineers will help specify components including system pipework, tanks, valves, pumps, not to mention the heat transfer fluid to go in the system.

The design of a heat transfer system impacts how well a fluid performs from first use. For example, if a system isn’t designed to vent properly, the lifespan of the fluid can decrease. Also, pipework needs to be made accessible during the design stage to ensure the system can be tested properly. If these aspects aren’t taken into consideration, fluid can degrade much quicker and oxidation levels can be significantly higher.

With 25 years of experience, Global Heat Transfer offers its clients the highest level of service, advising on the management of a heat transfer system and how a system design can make the system efficient and sustainable for longer. Global Heat Transfer also offers guidance on compliance with the relevant European directives, such as the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), to guarantee safe code compliance and a leak-free system. Global Heat Transfer already offers a thermal fluid lifecycle maintenance plan, which supports manufacturers throughout the lifecycle of their thermal fluid application. Thermocare includes support for system design, start-up, sample analysis and system flush.

“When designing a heat transfer system, companies may not be aware of the continuing maintenance that needs to be carried out on it after the build is complete”, explains Clive Jones, managing director of Global Heat Transfer. “Global Heat Transfer can advise on factors from the positioning of the pipework, to how the system is vented and more. If the fluid needs to be accessed regularly for maintenance, the pipework should be conveniently located or it will cause problems down the line.

“After partnering up with a system designer, Global Heat Transfer just needs a copy of the specifications for application. The designer can leave this with our engineers, who will suggest a design solution or any necessary changes if working on a consultancy basis. Global Heat Transfer can also assist in system implementation as part of a design and build contract.”

If you’re interested in partnering with Global Heat Transfer for your thermal fluid system design and build, get in touch with the team on 01785 760555 or head to our contact page.