Thermal fluid expert calls for more informed choices

Thermal fluid expert Global Heat Transfer has called for its industry to makeThermal fluids must be able to perform at specific temperatures for long periods of time more information available to end users, so they can better choose between mineral and synthetic heat transfer fluids. The call comes in the month the company again expanded its Globaltherm range of mineral and synthetic thermal fluids, which offers a variety of performance and longevity characteristics for rapidly growing industries, such as the solar sector.

“In some applications there is a decision to be made over whether to use mineral or synthetic based oils,” explained Clive Jones, managing director at Global Heat Transfer. “Similarly, in other environments, there isn’t a choice to be made, because the properties of a particular fluid really choose themselves. My feeling is that, armed with the right information from the experts, it’s a manageable decision.

“However, I’m not convinced that most fluid suppliers make that information available – perhaps because they are more interested in selling a particular kind of oil.

“Life expectancy of the fluid is a key factor of course, but unfortunately it’s not as simple as asking, ‘are synthetic fluids longer lasting than mineral’. For instance, operating temperature, overall system maintenance, relative likelihood of oxidisation, comparative deposits and resistance to the environment can all play a part.”

The recently expanded Globaltherm range of premium quality thermal oils, flushing and cleaning fluids, is custom designed to address specific heat transfer requirements.

Globaltherm products are supplied in quantities ranging from 208 litre barrels to 1,000 litre IBC containers and bulk tankers. The company’s extensive range includes flushing and cleaning fluids, food grade thermal fluids, high performance, high temperature fluids, non-fouling thermal fluid and organic fluid. A triple action fluid for high thermal performance that is also anti-corrosive and safe to use is also available.

Furthermore, specialised fluids in the Globaltherm range include Omnitech synthetic thermal products for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) installations and plastics manufacturers, and a high performance high temperature thermal fluid. The liquid or vapour phase of this thermal fluid has the dual action power of thermal stability and low viscosity for efficient and dependable performance in specialist CSP applications. Operating temperature is 12-400 degrees centigrade (752 degrees Fahrenheit) for liquid phase systems and 257-400 degrees centigrade for vapour phase systems.

Globaltherm M is a proven highly refined, energy efficient mineral-oil based heat transfer fluid for continuous service and high performance. It boasts an operating temperature range of minus ten degrees to 320 degrees centigrade (608 degrees Fahrenheit) and it’s suitable for use in all kinds of industrial processes.

Made from highly refined base stocks, Globaltherm M has excellent thermal and oxidation stability allowing operation at high temperatures for extended periods. Good thermal conductivity and low viscosity, at the relevant operating temperatures, ensure high heat transfer rates requiring limited pumping energy.

This heat transfer fluid provides low vapour pressures at elevated temperatures, greatly reduced evaporation and vapour lock and cavitation. This feature eliminates the need for high pressure piping equipment. Another benefit is that used-fluid may be disposed of through a number of environmentally acceptable methods, such as used oil recycling or heavy fuels burning.

Globaltherm Syntec is the world’s leading high-temperature modified terphenyl synthetic heat transfer fluid with an operating temperature from minus three degrees to 345 degrees centigrade (653 degrees Fahrenheit). It is suitable for chemical industries, plastics and biodiesel processing.