Queen’s Award for Innovation for thermal fluids specialist

Thermal fluid specialist, Global Heat Transfer has won a Queen’s Award for Innovation for its Thermocare service, which provides unique proactive maintenance plans for thermal fluid in heat transfer systems. The service benefits manufacturers by preventing costly downtime, improving regulatory compliance, as well as reducing operational costs and environmental impact.


The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the UK’s most prestigious business awards and 2016 marks the 50th year they have been running. This award recognises the groundbreaking achievements of Global Heat Transfer’s Thermocare lifecycle management service for thermal fluids.  Global Heat Transfer is the first company in the UK to provide a comprehensive proactive maintenance solution for heat transfer fluidapplications.


Thermocare includes three service elements. It starts with trained engineers conducting a site survey and drawing a live, hot, circulating thermal fluid sample, which then undergoes a unique eleven-point test and results in a clear evaluation of the thermal fluidThermocare also includes delivering engineering and technical support, as well as on-site heat transfer fluid maintenance. Thirdly, Thermocare ensures specialist training to help production engineers and health and safety professionals increase their understanding of thermal fluid.


Global Heat Transfer offers its clients the unique Thermocare Ultimate Maintenance plan, which takes complete responsibility for a company’s thermal fluid condition for the duration of the programme.


“Thermocare leads to a significant cost reduction with some customers saving as much as 75 per cent over an extended period,” explained Clive Jones, managing director of Global Heat Transfer. “A proactive condition monitoring maintenance approach extends the life of thermal fluids to maximise productivity and minimise costly downtime.


“Global Heat Transfer has worked with thousands of engineers to increase their knowledge on how to use and maintain thermal fluids,” continued Jones. “This award recognises the unique service we offer, commending its potential for reducing downtime, prolonging fluid life, reducing environmental impact and cutting maintenance costs.”


“We are so pleased that Global Heat Transfer has received the Queen’s Award for Innovation,” commented Paul Hayward, engineering manager of IKO and Global Heat Transfer client. “I am sure that everyone is very proud, from the engineering team right through to the technical support staff; a massive congratulations to all.”


Using Thermocare helps reduce environmental impact and extend fluid life. It also helps maintain regulatory compliance on protection from fire and explosion and on health and safety.


Thermal fluids are commonly used in process applications where manufacturers use heat. Global Heat Transfer supplies its own brand of thermal fluid, Globaltherm, and manages and maintains heat transfer fluids for a wide range of manufacturing applications.