Demand for high temperature synthetic oils soars due to confirmed global shortage

Thermal oil specialist Global Heat Transfer is calling for industry to heed to revelations made at ACHEMA 2012 in Frankfurt, Germany, where the world’s leading thermal oil manufacturers confirmed the global shortage of high temperature synthetic oils for heat transfer

Increased demand has seen prices soar and supply squeezed for the remainder of 2012 and throughout 2013. When the global financial crisis started, many major projects were put on hold. However, these projects are now being built-out and solar farms in particular have taken most of the world production of thermal fluids. Thermal fluid users have now consumed their reserves and the combination of all these circumstances has led to the current situation.

Despite this, Global Heat Transfer has a significant supply of these high-demand oils as a result of their manufacturing facilities and strategic supplier agreements. In its product range these oils are designated Syntec™ and Omnitech™. The company aims to mitigate for the current shortage and protect its customers from risk.

Globaltherm Syntec™ is a high-temperature synthetic heat transfer fluid. It operates between -3°C and 345°C. Primary applications are chemical industries, plastics processing and bio-diesel.

The Omnitech™ thermal fluid by Globaltherm operates between 12°C and 400°C and combines thermal stability with low viscosity, providing efficiency and dependability. It is a high-performance synthetic heat transfer fluid, providing a eutectic mixture of diphenyloxide and biphenyl, which gives it the flexibility to perform in both vapour and liquid phases.

Global Heat Transfer provides a complete solution for all thermal fluid related issues. It offers expertsampling and analysis services in-line with legislative and insurance requirements, 24 hour delivery of premium quality thermal fluids and planned maintenance programmes.

ACHEMA is a world forum for the process industry and a trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology. The annual event is the leading international meeting point for decision-makers and experts from all related industries.