Heat Transfer Fluid Sample Cooler

Accurate Sample Analysis by the Thermal Fluid Experts Global Heat Transfer provide a specialist on-site representative sample collection service. The heat transfer fluid sample service is carried out by an experienced trained engineer using the representative method. This method is unmatched in terms of accuracy of results (when data is analysed professionally) and widely recognised and endorsed by the petrochemical industry.

Take Your Own Heat Transfer Fluid Samples

If you prefer to take your own thermal fluid sample, we will install a water cooled sampling system on your site and we will manage the testing and analysis on your behalf. The sample cooler is a heat exchanger in which the sample fluid temperature is lowered. The sample of thermal fluid is forced through a stainless steel helical pipe encased in a cooling water jacket.

Heat Transfer Fluid Sample Cooler Technical Specification

  • Maximum sample temperature 400 ºC
  • Maximum sample pressure before cooler valve 40 bar gauge
  • Maximum sample water inlet temperature 30 ºC
  • Maximum sample water outlet temperature 55 ºC
  • Maximum cooling water flow 1 m³ / h

What’s Included with your Heat Transfer Fluid Sample Cooler

  • Sampling cooler
  • 8mm Ermeto valve for medium access
  • Supply valve for coolant access (1/2 inch)
  • Coolant access and coolant branching off is possible with hose connections

Want to draw accurate and representative thermal fluid samples for analysis?

Read more about our Thermal Fluid Sample Analysis Kit or Contact us to find out how you can avoid thermal fluid related urgent call outs with our Thermocare Maintenance Plans