What are the properties of Shell S2 and its alternatives?

Shell S2 and its alternative Globaltherm® M, are both ideal high performance heat transfer fluids for use in a variety of industrial processes.

Heat transfer fluid specialist Global Heat Transfer stocks and delivers a wide range of premium quality thermal fluid brands, including Shell and Globaltherm®. Global Heat Transfer also provides proactive maintenance and thermal fluid management support for process applications worldwide.

Globaltherm® M shares all of Shell S2’s properties and is miscible for dilution purposes, allowing you to add it to your existing thermal fluid with no negative impact on your system. It delivers optimal performance to ensure your system is running at maximum capacity and optimum efficiency.

Properties of Shell S2

This high performance and energy efficient heat transfer fluid is suitable for a range of industrial applications that require consistent operating temperatures.

  • Shell S2 is a mineral thermal fluid with an operating temperature range of -10°C to 320°C
  • It is miscible and interchangeable (for top-up or dilution purposes) with other similar mix thermal fluids such as Globaltherm® M
  • Shell S2 has low vapour pressures at elevated temperatures
  • This thermal fluid is non-corrosive and has excellent thermal and oxidation stability
ProductOperating TemperatureBulk200 KG Barrel25 Litres
Shell S2-10˚C to 320˚C (14˚F to 608˚F)
ProductOperating TemperatureBulk200 KG Barrel25 Litres
Globaltherm® M-10˚C to 320˚C (14˚F to 608˚F)


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