What are the properties of Therminol® 66 and its alternatives?

Therminol 66 heat transfer fluid has an operating range from -3 to 345 degreesTherminol® 66 MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet)

Therminol® 66, and its Globaltherm® alternative Syntec, are both ideal heat transfer fluids for a range of common applications, including oil and gas, food processing, refining, plastics, polymer and chemical manufacturing.

Thermal fluid specialist, Global Heat Transfer stocks and delivers a wide range of premium quality heat transfer fluids, including Therminol® 66 and Globaltherm® Syntec which is available for shipping today.

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Globaltherm® Syntec is a comparable Therminol® 66 alternative and is available for immediate shipping. One of the most popular high temperature heat transfer fluids on the market, Globaltherm® Syntec shares all of Therminol® 66’s properties and is miscible for dilution purposes, allowing you to to-up existing supplies with no negative impact on your system. It delivers ultimate performance to ensure your system is running at maximum capacity and optimum efficiency

Therminol® 66 (-3˚C to 345˚C)

High temperature transfer fluid


Operating Temperature

-3˚C to 345˚C (27˚F to 650˚F)


Used worldwide for process heating and waste recovery applications, Therminol® 66 is suitable for operation up to 345˚C (650˚F) and can be pumped to -3˚C (27˚F). Its primary applications include chemical industries, plastics processing and biodiesel.

About Therminol® 66

Therminol® 66 is a high performance highly stable synthetic heat transfer fluid.

  • It is a clear pale yellow liquid composed of modified terphenyl.
  • Pumpable at low temperatures, it offers high thermal stability to very high temperatures.
  • This thermal fluid is resistant to solids formation and system fouling, providing a reliable operation and cost savings.
ProductOperating TemperatureBulk200 KG Barrel25 Litres
Therminol® 66-3˚C to 345˚C (27˚F to 650˚F)
ProductOperating TemperatureBulk200 KG Barrel25 Litres
Globaltherm® Syntec-3˚C to 345˚C (27˚F to 650˚F)

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