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Oscar MayerClient: Oscar Mayer
Contact: John Wake

The Oscar Mayer Company is an American meat and cold cut production company, owned by Kraft Heinz. The company is best known for its hot dogs, bologna, bacon, ham and Lunchables products.

The Problem

Oscar Mayer had a problem with low flash points which was discovered during routine testing and analysis of the thermal fluid as part of a Thermocare® contracted service. Low flash points are created when the bindings of the hydro carbon chains break to produce the short-chained light ends. The higher the operating temperature of the heat transfer system, the more light ends are generated. The amount of light ends produced depends on the oil type and the operating temperature of the heat transfer system. Light ends boil and ignite at lower temperatures and reduce the ignition point (flash point) of thermal fluid, this creates a fire hazard. Light ends also lead to cavitation in thermal fluid system pumps, which can lead to operational problems. Management and removal of light ends is essential to maintaining a safe site and complying with regulations.

What Oscar Meyer wanted to achieve

A safe site and the support of a company who understood their engineering challenges and business objectives.

The Global Heat Transfer solution

A light ends removal kit was installed to continuously remove the light ends. The light ends removal kit works when the hot thermal fluid flows through the distillation vessel and the gaseous light ends are collected in the liquid phase of the condenser. The light ends are either drained automatically or manually from the system and the light ends removal kit has worked effectively since 2004.


Improved safety and reduced the likelihood of operational issues.

What Oscar Mayer say

We have dealt with Global Heat Transfer for nearly 20 years due to the excellent level of service and expertise. They have helped us on several occasions - out of normal working hours - to keep our equipment running reliably & safely.

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