Icopal logoClient: Icopal
Contact: Dave Hudson
Job title: Chief Engineer

Icopal is the world leader in building protection from the roof to the basement and employs 3,600 in 35 production sites and 95 offices. Icopal has a strong environmental profile with recycling and minimising the use of raw materials and energy as a key priority in the development and production of roofing and waterproofing solutions.

The Problem

Thermal oil testing and analysis showed low flash points and a potentially unsafe system.

What Icopal wanted to achieve

Icopal wanted to ensure their systems met with regulatory compliance requirements and operated to capacity.

The Global Heat Transfer solution

Analysis showed one of the systems had a low flash point. We subsequently purged the system to raise the flash point.

We delivered a suite of training packages to help engineers and operatives gain a better understanding of how thermal oil works and to help them improve and maintain the condition of their oil.

When oil is beyond repair we have safely removed the oil in line with environmental requirements and replaced it with a fresh charge of oil following a thorough flush of the system.


Site safety and productivity is improved and managers are properly trained to manage their system on a day by day basis.

What Icopal say

Global provide an excellent service and I can relax knowing the thermal oil and the system is in good health.


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