Graham and Brown

Graham and BrownClient: Graham & Brown Ltd
Contact: Keith Bannister
Job title: Head of Engineering

Graham & Brown, established over 70 years ago, are an international manufacturer producing paint colour, wallpaper and wall art for the decoration market. The company’s products are sold in more than 75 countries.

The Problem

On-going venting issues were identified after representative sampling and reporting in two thermal oil systems. Light ends were not being released or “breathed out” and were re-condensing in the oil and reducing the closed flash point level. Concerns were raised over the reduced auto ignition temperatures we were experiencing in the quarterly testing of the oil samples. Also the level of carbon being created due to in efficient venting, resulting in the need for dilution.

What Graham & Brown Ltd wanted to achieve

To provide a safer thermal oil system for Graham and Brown, for the personnel and factory in accordance to the DSEAR and ATEX regulations and guidelines, and also to reduce the carbon content produced from trying to vent the light ends using the incinerator expansion vessel, rather than condensing the light end using the light ends removal system.

The Global Heat Transfer solution

The problem was solved by the installation of two continuous light ends removal units which removed the light fractions or “volatiles” by a process of continuous distillation.


The system and oil have run within required guidelines for DSEAR and ATEX compliance. Graham and Brown have seen a reduction in costs by not replacing the oil in their system on such a regular basis, in-order to reduce the volatiles or carbon levels through dilution.

What Graham & Brown say

Global Heat Transfer continues to monitor our system on a regular basis and we’ve been very satisfied with their advice, expertise and workmanship. We’ve seen improved performance of the units over recent years, based on the solution that Global Heat Transfer has provided.

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