Blakemans logoClient: James T Blakeman (Ltd)
Contact: Kevin Moller
Job title: Head of Operations

Blakeman is a leading supplier of ready cooked products to both UK and foreign markets with a worldwide distribution of 18,200,000 tonnes of product a year.

Blakeman’s facilities provide deep fry, oven and steamed products. Its cooking plant, which services the ready meal and contract cooking markets, has the capacity to produce 150,000 standard size sausages every eight hours.

The industry-leading design of the factory is one of the most advanced in Europe, with the lowest carbon footprint for a development of its type.

The Problem

The heat transfer fluid required replacement far too frequently which impacted greatly on production downtime and consequently the operational overheads were well beyond the calculated budget..

What James T Blakeman wanted to achieve

To reduce down time and the amount of thermal fluid changes required to maintain consistent production.

The Global Heat Transfer solution

Supply and fit of a LERK (Light Ends Removal Kit) to manage the ongoing removal of light ends. A Thermocare® proactive lifecycle maintenance contract was introduced to regularly monitor the condition of the thermal fluid and provide appropriate interventions in order to extend the life of the thermal fluid as far as possible.


Thermocare® proactive management reduces downtime, maximises productivity and ensures the company meets HSE regulations to protect its workforce.

What James T Blakeman say

Global Global Heat Transfer has been involved with Blakemans since the opening of the new factory in 2001.

If you want to improve your system efficiency speak to Global Heat Transfer about Thermocare®. They’re a very professional company and provide an excellent service.

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