Arizona Chemical

Arizona ChemicalClient: Arizona Chemical
Contact: Gary Toulmin       
Job title: Production Manager

The Problem

Established in 1930, Arizona Chemical is the world’s leading bio-refiner of pine chemicals and is owned by private equity firm RhÔne. They provide natural pine-based materials to many diverse markets including adhesives, roads & construction, tires & rubber, lubricants, fuel additives, and mining. They are committed to making the world healthier, cleaner, safer and more efficient.

What Arizona Chemical wanted to achieve

Arizona Chemical wanted to ensure their heat transfer systems were safe and production goals were achieved.

The Global Heat Transfer solution

The Arizona Chemical systems are tested and the thermal fluid analysed on a regular basis to ensure continuity of production and output targets are met. When thermal fluid sample results have shown that the thermal fluid requires attention we have provided appropriate technical interventions and recommendation for system alterations to ensure operational performance and health and safety compliance.

We have also undertaken the decommission of a site set for closure. The procedure for decommissioning a thermal fluid system is detailed and must comply with strict guidelines and regulations for management of hazardous waste materials.


Site safety and productivity is improved and the customer is confident that they comply with regulations.

What Arizona Chemical say

The service and support Arizona Chemical has received from everyone at Global Heat Transfer over the years has been nothing less than excellent.

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