AnochromeClient: Anochrome Ltd
Contact: Gary Bowes
Job title: Engineering Manager

The Anochrome Group of companies are one of the oldest and largest surface coating and finishing specialists in the UK. The company manufactures in excess of 3,000 tons of product each week for more than 1,500 customers.

The Problem

A severe case of oxidation was identified due to excessive heat (beyond recommended parameters) in the header section of a CDX tank.

What Anochrome Ltd wanted to achieve

A safer operating temperature and reduced oxidation

The Global Heat Transfer solution

The tank could not be adequately flushed and cleaned, due to its design, therefore it was agreed that a new CDX/header tank was to be installed rather than a nitrogen blanketing system.

We recommended an improved design to eradicate the oxidation issue. The new header tank was installed and we drained and flushed the system using Globaltherm C1 and replaced the oil with Globaltherm M high performance oil.


The system and oil have run within required temperature parameters since the work was completed. We continue to monitor the system closely on a regular basis.

What Anochrome say

Global Heat Transfer provided an expert efficient service to minimise downtime and loss of output. The system has run better since the Globaltherm M oil has been used and we’ve experienced no reduction in output.

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