The use of a flushing and cleaning protocol to remove foreign contaminants

Heat transfer fluid (HTF) cleanliness is critical to the effectiveness and safety of an HTF system. Routine monitoring of HTF condition is a critical part of ongoing HTF system maintenance. However, the condition of any fluid introduced into a HTF system needs to be monitored closely to ensure that foreign contaminants are not introduced. View the file View

Keeping industry spinning

Thermal fluids are used in a variety of sectors including manufacturing pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, textiles, petrochemicals and food. If a pump can be said to be the heart of industry and a control system the brain, then we could argue that thermal fluids are industry’s circulatory system. Here, Clive Jones, managing director of Global Heat Transfer describes best practice and the health warnings that can help diagnose problems with heat transfer systems and thermal fluids. Heat Transfer fluid maintenance and analysis are essential operations that need to be conducted periodically. Unfortunately, many plant managers don’t realise that there is a problem… View

Engineering Studentships – Gaining Real Life Experience Whilst Studying

This summer Global Heat Transfer had the pleasure to welcome two new students from the CESI’s Engineering School in Paris to work on R&D projects to improve the safety of manufacturing and processing plants. View the file  View

Best practice for thermal fluid sampling

To help raise awareness and promote a proactive approach to thermal fluid maintenance, Global Heat Transfer has created a comprehensive guide for managing thermal oils. View the file View

Effective management of heat transfer fluid flash point temperatures using a light-ends removal kit (LERK)

Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 4 (2014) 9-14 View the file View

Managing Mineral-Based Heat Transfer Fluids to Help Maintain a Safe and Effective Heat Transfer Plant

International Journal of Materials Chemistry and Physics Vol 1, No 3, 2015, pp 246-252 View the file View

Heat Transfer Fluid and Extending the Lifetime of CSP Plant Performance

Renewable Energy Focus:Technology – March/April 2015 22-26 View the file View

Thermal heat transfer fluid problems following a system flush

Case Studies in Thermal Engineering 2 (2014) 91-94 View the file View